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2004 Provincials

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Hi all,
We are looking forward to a great provincials this year!
We would like to have over 100 competitors - and I think we can easily do that, if we all share the excitement with our clubs.
I ask each of you to get as many of your regular, and new swimmers to come join the meet!  We all know it is allot of fun when there are many competing.  We also know that excitement is infectious (in a good way).  Promote the meet, we will have lots of swimmers, and everyone will have great fun!
Also, we are planning on having door prizes and a Chinese Auction as well.  That means we need your help, and the help of you team members!  We need prizes donated - big or small - to help make this exciting!
We have the meet package completed, and the major officials in place, thanks to Scott  and Dennis.
So, here is what I ask of you all.  Let's make this fun!  We need volunteers to help coordinate our efforts! 
1    To help gather prizes (everyone, without thinking too long, can think of someone who would donate something to the cause!) 
2    To help with food for officials during the meet
3    To assist in the evening of the dinner is being catered, but there is bartending, selling tickets, etc).
4    To time at the meet.
So send out this call to your teams.  To participate, to volunteer, to have fun!  Have your kids time, so the parents can swim!  We are even going to have lower priced kids banquet tickets, to encourage your family to come.
Well, can we make this the biggest, most fun Provincials in years?
I think we can, but we need your help.
Send me an email with your idea of how you can make a difference to the 2004 Manitoba Masters Provincials.  We welcome all offers.
Glenn Davis
Masters Swim Manitoba
Masters Swimming Manitoba.
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Last updated: February 17, 2004.