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Masters Swim Manitoba  AGM

November 20, 2004 @ U of M Faculty Club


1. Glenn Davis (outgoing President) introduced the current Board members who were in attendance: Paul Boulding - incoming President, Ben Van Den Bosch (treasurer), Bob Groff (records),  Jack Spence ( past chair), Terry Kulchycki ( Mid can club rep.), Jolanda Swanink (secretary)


2. Financial report - copies of the report are available.  Manitoba Maasters  has approximately $7000. in the bank. Most of the money goes to running the provincials.


3. Nominations for the board.  Need  a vice chair and a director at large - positions are for 2 years.  If anyone is interested in being on the board, contact Paul Boulding.


4. Thanks to Midcan for organizing Pop Sidwell meet.

Future meets: Pentathalon - March

                        Sask. Prov. - March

                        MB. Prov - April

                        Nationals - May in Toronto

For Provicial meet, - MMAC will take lead role in organizing.


5. Question from the floor. Will there be/can there be a team from MB. going to the Masters games in Edmonton. Yes there can be a team.