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The Masters Swimming Manitoba Annual General Meeting


Location:  University Club, University of Manitoba

Date: Saturday November 20, 2004

Time:  About 6:30 PM, following the Pop Sidwell Meet





1    Introduce the board and present positions


2    Reports:  These reports will be very brief, with just a brief overview of the past year. Any questions can be asked after all the reports are given. 

    - Chair report

    - Vice Chair Report

    - Treasurer report

    - Secretary report 

    -Records Report


3    Questions for Board


4    Nominations for VP and Directors (1 Vice Chair, and 1 Representative at Large is open for nomination).  These nominations will be taken from those in attendance.  If you cannot attend and would like to nominate either position, please email me with the name and the position.  These names will be read into the nominations at the meeting.  Any member of Masters Swimming Manitoba can fill these positions


5    Changing of the Board


6    Presentation


7    Masters Swimming Canada - Questions for your Provincial representative