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Master Swimming Manitoba,

Board meeting - April 28, 2004


Present: Janet Stewart, Catherine Kerr, Ben Van Den Bosch, Kim Duncan, Maria Donahue, Bob Groff, Glenn Davis, Terry Kulchycki

Regrets: Paul Boulding

Minutes: Jolanda Swanink



1) Review and follow-up from the last two meetings.

a) Plaque for MSM - purpose to identify and acknowledge who have been the presidents of MSM.

- cost of $60.

- all present at  the meeting agreed to this  idea

- Glenn to arrange and get plaque.


b) MB. Masters Box - currently located next to the men's change room entrance. Glen had contacted Faith at Pan Am to see about finding a new location.


c) Grant Hammond Trophy - not sure where it is


d). Paul to talk to Kim RE: high school meets. Paul planning to organize a high school swim meet.


e). Addendum to March minutes: It should be noted that the Pentathalon swim meet was discussed.


2) Review of Provincial Swim meet

- Finances: Ben  waiting for receipts to be handed in.

- approximately 100 simmers attended - 10 from Saskatchewan

- the swim meet was well run

- Banquet - approximately 80 people attended - received a number of positive comments - will plan to do similar event next year

Changes for banquet- have desert, simplify the charging system for the wine and cheese, more volunteers 

If anyone has any other suggestions or wants to give feedback about the meet please email the board members.

For supplies, please check with Ben  before purchasing anything such as napkins, cups.


3) Nationals

- May long weekend in Edmonton - 10 swimmers from MMAC attending the swim meet


4. Masters Swim Canada meeting on Sunday May 9, 2004

Glenn asking the board for some feedback on certain issues. A discussion  took place on:

a) structure of MSC -

- board members were not in favor of votes based on population of the province. -  board members favored 1 vote per province as there would be more members represented across Canada on the Board.

b). paper vs. electronic newsletter

- electronic version recommended with paper version for people who do  not have a computer.

- discussion on the purpose of the newsletter - is it informational, marketing, communication for sponsorship

c) use of MSC funds

MSC has approximately $80,000.00

-          some of the funds could be diverted from printing the newsletter and be used for marketing masters eg: brochures on Masters swimming

-          website development

-          development of coaching and officials

-          hire a person to work part-time to co-ordinate, market and develop MSC.


5) Meet dates:

-Pop Sidwell - November 20, 2004 at the U of M.

- Pentathalon - march 5/12, 2005

- Provincials - April 16 & 17, 2005

Glenn to talk to Swim MB about dates of swim meets.


Next meeting & AGM - October 6, 2004

Location and time TBD