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Masters Swim Manitoba Board meeting

December 7, 2004 @ Pan Am Pool


Present: Paul Boulding, Kim Duncan, Glenn Davis, Ben Van Den Bosch, Bob Groff, Terry Kulchycki, Maria Donahue, Jane Stewart

Minutes: Jolanda Swanink




1. Kim Duncan: Motion to accept Sept. minutes:  Accepted


2. Club reports:

* Mid Can -  Pop Sidwell meet - 58 swimmers

* MMAC - 152 members - swim camp during Christmas break  Dec 27-31 from

6-8 am. Open to other swimmers for a fee of $25.00

* Steinbach - 15 members

* Wpg. Masters - 30 members  - does not have website - however there is a link to the club from Swim Manitoba's web site. Jane/Maria to check if link is up to date.

* Selkirk - 9 swimmers


New Business

3.  Swim club presidents from Brandon and Portage La Prairie spoke to Paul about wanting to start masters swim clubs in those towns.

Kim suggesting to talk to pool managers  re: starting new masters clubs


4. Paul asking clubs for goals.  He asked, what can we do as a Provincial organization to have an impact on Masters club swimmers? What can Paul do at the national level to increase the experience of Masters swimmers. He would like responses by January 10/05.


5. High School Swim meet.  Tom Wilson and Selkirk coach support it. Paul to co-ordinate.  Meet for anyone from junior high and upwards - to be sanctioned as a non high school activity and a non sanctioned meet.

Date: March  2005.

Parent/ teacher can be representative of  the school.

Ben asking Paul to create a notice  that can be sent out to all Masters Swimmers. Notice to go to Ben who will then circulate to Masters swimmers.

Maria/Jane to find out the cost of Sherbrook  Pool for a sat. afternoon.


6. National Championships. - MB been asked if they would like to host Nat. Champ.. Bob stating that Collen is willing to run the meet in 2007 or later.


7. Paul talked about what is happening at the National level.

Masters at the National level has been asked - if Masters is for fun, fitness and participation then why is the focus on competitions?  4 committee ( coaching, marketing, publication and fitness) have been organized to address the question.


8. Ben: Motion to change the signing authority with the TD bank at Corydon and Wilton to reflect  the current President  (Paul Boulding),  Past President (Glenn Davis), Treasurer ( Ben Van Den Bosch), and Secretary (Jolanda Swanink). 

2nd by Bob.

All in favor.



Next meeting: Wed. Jan. 12, 2005 @ Pan Am, 7-8pm.