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Master Swim Manitoba (MSM) Board Meeting

January 7, 2004


Present: Bob Groff, Glenn Davis, Paul Boulding, Kim Duncan, Ben Van Den                  Bosch, Terry Kulchycki, Catherine Kerr,  and Maria Donahue


Absent: Lesley Clark, Ron Hahlewg, Karen Williams, Todd Snyder

Minutes taken by: Jolanda Swanink




1. New secretary was introduced - Jolanda Swanink - swims with MMAC


2. Kenora Swim meet - Saturday February 7, 2004

- Ben will be looking at booking a bus for people to take - cost is approximately $20.00.  Meet at the Pan Am Pool by 8:45 , bus leaves at 9am sharp.

- Kim to coordinate people from Steinbach who want to take the bus.

- Paul to coordinate people from Selkirk and Catherine to organize swimmers from her club.  People from Selkirk to meet bus at Deakins corner and Steinbach people will rendezvous in Ste Anne's or Deakins corner.


3. Pentathlon swim meet - March 6 at Pan Am

start time - 1:30pm

timers are needed.

Catherine to bring meet package to Kenora


4. Manitoba Provincials - April 17 &18 @ Pan Am

- Dennis and Scott to run the meet and they will be given between $400-500.

- Dinner? - Glenn to talk to staff at Pan Am RE: dinner and getting outside catering

- Paul and Ben to work on meet package - to be ready by Feb. 7 - looking at organizing fees to include dinner ticket.  Also looking at having triathletes swim a 1500 - $2 + event fee - Paul/Ben to ask Pat RE: circle swim or competition style for triathletes.

- Glen to ask about getting a computer program RE: awards


5. Nationals -  May 22, 23, 24  in Edmonton

info on the Swim Canada website.


6. Finance and membership

Ben provided information - Masters Swim Manitoba has $7278 + $5000 GIC

And there are 260 swimmers.




7. Manitoba Masters Plaque

Masters Swim Canada has a plaque that identifies past presidents. Glenn has proposed that MSM also buy a plaque that would list past presidents. Glenn to look into cost of plaque and to discuss at next meeting.


8. Manitoba Masters box location

- Current location is next to the males change room entrance. Glenn to ask Faith RE: new location.

- Bob Groff to look at updating Pop Sidwell  plaque and search for Grant Hammond trophy.


9. Master Swim Canada (MSC)

- Glenn will be part of conference call on February 1 and wanted some feedback/questions/ideas to pass on to MSC.  Glenn to inform them that newsletter has improved.

- Glenn had put a proposal forward to put newsletter on line.

Discussion took place on MSC role, how can it serve provincial clubs/swimmers better.  To discuss further at next meeting

- to discuss at next meeting - marketing MSM, high school meets



10. Team reports

- Steinbach - 14 swimmers - 2 practices with a coach

- MMAC - had a successful Christmas swim camp

- Selkirk - 7 members -  planning to get a newspaper article in Oakbank and Beasejour to try and build up the membership.

- MidCan - 48 members - Pop Sidwell swim meet on November 20, 2004


11. Other items

There will be a high school swim meet at the end of March in Wpg. - More info to follow.



Next meeting - Sat. Feb 7 - on the bus to kenora

Alternative date Wed. Feb 18.