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Masters Swimming Manitoba

Board Meeting - March 2, 2004


Present: Glenn, Dennis, Kate, Ben, Ron, Jane Stewart (Wpg. Masters), Terry, Kim, Paul. Dennis

Minutes: Jolanda



Agenda - Provincial Swim Meet - April 17 & 18, 2004


- Will take place in the deep end of the main pool

- Dennis is looking after getting senior officials

- Susan will look after officials for the masters side

- food for officials - parents of children who have CP have volunteer to provide food

- no certificates with results  can be printed because of computer program that is being used - Dennis stated that Bob G not interested in printing certificates


- Dinner catered by CJL catering - upstairs at the Pan Am - time 5-9pm - the city will set up the tables

            - 5pm to dinner a wine tasting will occur

            - 6/6:30 pm dinner

            - discussion occurred about cost of wine tasting - Glenn to talk to liquor           commission re: price  (.50 cents a ticket for 2oz)

            -Jolanda to talk to person who can provide some ideas about wines and         cheeses

      - Rainbow Auction - everybody to try and get items - contact Glenn by March 31 re: items for auction

      - Glenn to bring music and boom box

      - volunteers needed at dinner for bartending - beer and wine to be sold for      $2.50 drink

-          selling of swimming items - Glenn to speak to Swimming Matters about setting up a booth to sell swimming paraphernalia

-          Massage - discussion about having a person(s) available to give a massage for a nominal fee - Kim to speak to someone


Volunteers are needed for timing