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January 23, 2002

PRESENT: Grant Easton (Assiniboine Masters)

Jack Spence, Leah Barnlund, Bob Groff (Mid-Can Masters)

Joy Goertzen, Glenn Davis, Ben VanDenBosch (MMAC)

Cay Kerr (Winnipeg Masters)

Dennis Pickerl

  1. Motion to Approve Agenda: Moved, Groff; 2nd, Kerr; carried.
  2. Motion to Approve Minutes of Nov. 7, 2001: Moved, Goertzen; 2nd, Groff; carried.

3.1 Chairman

Jack talked to Susan Leier who will get Senior Officials again this year. Pop Sidwell meet was good and then Kenora will be next. Postal meet coming up by MMAC. Jack would like for more information to get to the clubs up north (The Pas, Thompson, Flin Flon) re: meets. St. Malo outdoor swim should be June 23. Volunteer recognition - Swim MB should have recognized swimmers winning at Nationals at the award banquet in December. We should look into how we can recognize our swimmers.

3.2 Treasurer

Ben reported that we have 251 swimmers registered this year so far. There were 312 swimmers at the end of last year. Paid for Kenora bus ($802). $10/swimmer will go to MSC (~$2,500). $7,600 in bank; GIC - $5,000. Getting about 1 or 2% interest. Do not have Special O fees - Jack to e-mail Jackie requesting fees.

3.3 Records

Pop Sidwell records are updated on website. Cay Kerr set a Canadian Record in the 200 Free.

3.4 Swim Manitoba

No Report, however, there will be a Swim MB meeting on Jan. 30. Glenn and Joy can’t make it as they have their own club board meeting that night. Jack to attend and ask if they could send out agenda and notify MSM of meeting dates on a more timely basis.

3.5 MSC Rep - No Report


4.1 Assiniboine Masters - Grant attended on Lesley’s behalf. Down a few members from last year (around 27-28), however, all consistently attending practices. More triathletes than swimmers, so not a lot of interest in Masters swim meets.

4.2 MMAC - Joy reported that they had a successful Xmas training camp. Tom Hainey used the Manta Video equipment. Had January breakfast - 35 people. Training Tank has been extremely cold as boiler broken. Dennis advised that the Pan Am has a form to fill out to be sent to the City if anyone is interested in lodging complaints about the poor quality of the Pan Am facility.

4.3 Mid-Can - Up a few members to 50. Did well at Pop Sidwell. Seemed to have a lot of new swimmers at meet.

4.4 Winnipeg Masters - About 50 members. Pentathlon package to be made available next week. Entry deadline will be Saturday, February 23.


6.1 Kenora Swim Meet - Bus to leave Pan Am @ 9:00 a.m. Tell bus to stop at Deacon’s Corner to pickup swimmers (2). There will be approx. 37 swimmers ($20/swimmer cost for bus) as follows:


C.P. 6

Wpg. 13

Mid-Can 1

Assin. 4

Selkirk 1



6.2 Provincials

    1. Dennis Pickerl agrees to be Meet Manager, sharing the duty with Scott & Sharon Taylor. To be run like an age group meet. Pool is booked for April 26/27. Dennis and the Taylor’s will look after entries, electronics, Master Officials, Stroke & Turn, Results, & maybe food for Officials.
    1. Jack has talked to Grant Badger at Pan Am. The pool booking process was that Jack booked with Swim Mb & Grant phoned to confirm the dates of the meet. However, contracts have not been forwarded by Grant. Dennis to look after getting contract.
  1. We will hold discussion of who’s responsible for food for Officials until next meeting.
  2. Dennis needs mailing list for all clubs. Bob is to e-mail the addresses to Dennis.
  3. Regarding the payment of the $500 fee to the Meet Managers, Dennis will talk to the Taylor’s and will get back to MSM.
  4. Regarding meet expenses, Ben will handle this through MMAC as this will make it easier.
  1. NEW BUSINESS - None.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 7:00 p.m., Bob Groff’s Office