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Masters Swim Manitoba Report
Presented to Swim Manitoba
April 24, 2003

Our final Masters Swim Meet in Manitoba is Provincials, which will be held on April 26th and 27th. We expect participants from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Ontario to join us. We are also expecting additional participants for the 800 and 1500m events, as some triathletes get in a little practice with a pre-season pace swim. This 2 day event also involves a dinner on Saturday night. We have 75 entrants who will be attending the meet.

Thanks in advance for all who will be helping in this meet - timing and officiating. The dinner will be at the Granite Curling club on Saturday night. Two awards will be given out. A new award which recognizes an individual who has, through volunteering, helped Masters swimming over the years. This award may be given out annually, as Masters Swim Manitoba tries to formally recognize some of the many individuals who have helped make Masters Swimming successful,

The second award is the annual Bob Hammerton award, given to the swimmer who embodies the ideals of Masters Swimming Fun, fitness, competitiveness, to name a few.

The final meet of the sesason is Nationals, held in Montreal this year, May 16th to 19th. Members from some of the Masters clubs in Winnipeg will be represented. We have about 12 swimmers from Manitoba clubs going. As of April 22, there were over 1100 swimmers from across Canada registered to compete!

As summer approaches, some Masters clubs go to reduced schedule, as members take time away from the sport or engage in biking, running and other sports. We will begin planning for the fall session, and plan to distribute information to pools and other locations prior to the fall session beginning.

Glenn Davis
Masters Swim Manitoba